Why Should I Use eWaste Sonoma?

eWaste Sonoma is working hard to make sure that our world is as healthy and clean as possible. We are the number one choice in Sonoma County for e-waste recycling because we are reliable, dedicated to our mission, and care about our local community. So what exactly are we doing to back up these claims?

We are Helping New Businesses

We’ve got a green thumb for businesses here at eWaste Sonoma. We are excited to offer assistance to companies looking to get themselves off the ground and grow. Whether the business is looking to simply become more eco-friendly and use our pickup recycling services, or a startup needs some help getting computers for their new office, we are happy to help.

If you’ve got a business that’s just started, get in contact with us to see if there’s any tech we can help you with!

Discounted Services for Schools, Churches, and Nonprofits

We here at eWaste Sonoma, recognize the importance of the other organizations that help out in our community. Our organization loves the chance to serve those who serve others, and pass that on in discounting our services for schools, churches, and nonprofits. These organizations are extremely important to Sonoma County and we want to make sure that going green is as easy as possible for them.

Hosting Electronics Recycling Events With Local Businesses

We’re excited to get out of the facility and into our community! We run and sponsor events partnering with local organizations to make going green as easy as going to work (or maybe your favorite brewery). We’re bringing responsible recycling into our community, and love the chance to chat with local businesses and their customers to get to know the people we serve even better. If we can draw a few more people to a local business through an event, we’re happy with that! 

We’re all about sustainability in our community at eWaste Sonoma. We want being eco-friendly to be an easy decision for everyone in Sonoma County and are doing our best to make recycling electronics as easy, fun, and widespread as possible here.

So why use eWaste Sonoma? Because we care about your community and want to help make it a cleaner, greener place.