eWaste Sonoma does much more than simply electronics recycling. Check out the list below for a full list of the services we provide!

Electronic Waste Drop Off

Bring your electronic waste to our facility and we’ll take care of it for you! No appointment necessary. Some items may require a fee (See What We Accept for more information).

Business Pickup

Does your business have electronic waste in need of disposal? Maybe you’ve recently upgraded your systems and are unsure how to recycle your old one? We’ll come pick it up from you! 

  • Pick-up fee varies based on your location
  • Certain items require a fee
  • Items must be on the bottom floor of your building or you will be charged a Labor Fee of $200
  • Recycling electronics with us is free for non-profits and schools

Data Destruction / Mobile Data Destruction

We offer many kinds of data destruction, with no appointment needed! We can wipe your drives and provide a certificate of destruction to ensure that your data remains protected.

  • Free Secure Hard Drive Wiping
  • Hard Drive Destruction
    • $5 per loose drive
    • $10 per drive in desktop or laptop
    • $25 per drive in an All-in-One System

We also offer a mobile version of this service: we will come to you!

  • Must have a minimum of 10 drives for mobile service
  • Fee varies on location

Computer Repair

Is your computer slow or malfunctioning? Bring it to our team at the facility, and we’ll take a look at it for you. 

  • Diagnostic fee of $40 to be paid up-front (this will be deducted from the final cost of your repair).
  • Repair fees vary based upon the issue with the device.

We reserve the right to refuse service on any device that is outside our range of expertise. We want to make sure you get the best fix you can, and we’ll be honest with you if we feel we aren’t equipped for the job.

Refurbished Electronics

Looking for a new-to-you gadget? Give us a call or come in to the facility so we can help with your search for a new laptop, computer, or any other piece of tech. We have refurbished electronics at discounted prices, and they’re ready for new homes!